The 5 Best Sustainable Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Sustainable Yoga Gifts 

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to start brainstorming gift ideas. Do you have an avid yoga practitioner in your life who is a friend or relative? If so, you're probably wondering what to gift this yoga lover. Today, we go over the top 5 sustainable gifts to give the yoga person in your life. 

5 Eco-Friendly Gifts to Give a Yoga Lover

Lotus Craft Meditation Pillow 

Lotus Craft is one of our favorite sustainable brands. They make high-quality ecological products with extra tender loving care.

We love that they use high-quality fabric and organic materials in their meditation pillows. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, this is the perfect gift for your yoga friend who cares about eco-friendly products. 

Avocado Remi 7/8 Yoga Pants 

Avocado's workout clothing is all designed and made in Los Angeles, CA, which means these pants are ethically produced.

Plus, their yoga pants are super comfortable and stylish, so you can wear them lounging around the house or out and about. We love the fit of the Remi 7/8 pant because it is flattering on all body types. 

Silver Sky Imports Crystal Singing Bowls

Silver Sky Imports is the largest importer of Crystal Singing Bowls in the United States. They source their singing bowls from Tibet, India, Nepal, and parts of Asia, providing those interested with the highest quality handmade goods. 

If you have a yoga lover in your life who enjoys meditation circles, Reiki, chanting, or energy work, a Crystal Singing Bowl would be a very well-loved addition to your life. 

Walden Meditation Cushion Set 

The Walden meditation cushion set is a luxurious yoga set designed for maximum comfort and support. It is made out of an all-natural, hypoallergenic buckwheat hull and gel-infused memory foam. 

Made in New York City, NY this set is the perfect gift for your yoga friend that likes pretty things. 

Yoga4Good Jute Yoga Mat

We had to include ourselves on this list because we're a perfect fit! Yoga4Good's jute yoga mats are ethically sourced, made out of jute and hemp, and give back to a good cause.

A portion of each sale goes to Center for Community Solutions, which helps those impacted by sexual violence and assault.  

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