San Diego Restorative Yoga Classes

San Diego Yoga Classes

At Yoga4Good, we believe in the importance of doing good through yoga. As such, we offer private restorative yoga sessions at an intimate healing collective in Encinitas, CA.

Private Restorative Yoga Sessions in San Diego

Private restorative yoga sessions provide our clients with the opportunity to relax more deeply, let go of stuck energy, move through emotional trauma, and reconnect with themselves in a safe environment. 

We offer discounts for any clients who have dealt with any form of sexual abuse or domestic violence as well. We will not turn you away either if you cannot afford yoga. 

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FAQs About Restorative Yoga

Are you new to restorative yoga? Welcome! Restorative yoga is a great entry point into yoga due to its slow pace, long, more supportive holds, and gentleness. Many restorative yoga classes consist of only four to eight poses to help the body relax and restore, hence the name. Here are some frequently asked questions about restorative yoga to get you more familiarized with the practice.

What Is Restorative Yoga? 

Restorative yoga is a more passive form of yoga. During a session, you will relax deeply into poses and hold them for an extended period of time held by props (such as blocks and bolsters). Instead of activating your muscles as you would in a Vinyasa or other active yoga class, you soften your muscles and surrender to the support of the props. 

Restorative yoga is known for its deep healing capabilities and can be used to treat everything from low back pain to depression. 

What Are the Benefits of Restorative Yoga? 

There are many benefits to restorative yoga, including that it can help promote more peace and relaxation. Restorative yoga can also help reduce stress, chronic pain, and insomnia. 

Is Restorative Yoga Good for Beginners? 

Due to its gentleness and slow pace, restorative yoga is a great option for individuals looking to start a yoga practice. If you are considering restorative yoga for healing purposes, Yoga4Good would be happy to help you. 

Schedule a Private Restorative Yoga Session in Encinitas, CA with Us Today

Our restorative yoga sessions in Encinitas, CA are customized to our client's needs. We combine massage, Reiki, and breathwork in a session to help our clients relax. You can schedule the following types of sessions: 

  • Private restorative yoga session
  • Couple's restorative yoga session
  • Small group restorative yoga session 

Contact us online today to schedule a restorative yoga session.